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Monday, June 18, 2012

Frosted Pane Skirt

Sewing in no man's land is such a great blog! This is my Frosted Pane Skirt. I like to call mine the Cotton Candy Skirt because of the colors of the fabric I used. Here is a link to the skirt tutorial. I thought I would include a picture of how I added on the lining with tulle. I actually sewed my lining into the waist seam. I just liked it better there. I also didn't do the tiering.

My word of advice is to cut really long strips of tulle. Mine were shorter and I ended up making a fourth layer of really long tulle because mine wasn't gathered enough for my taste. I think it turned out so cute!


Our book club read Enchantment by Orson Scott Card. First off, this is a PG-13 book. While reading we probably skipped a total of about 5 pages. It frustrates me to no end how authors add in inappropriate stuff to a good book.
That being said, I liked this read. It takes a few chapters to really get into it but once you do, the plot moves along well. If you haven't read Card before, know that his imagination is wild. There are some crazy things in his book and you wonder why he wrote them. I take Card with a grain of salt.
Things I liked:
  •  It is a good romance book--one where the couple has to learn to like each other. At the same time it wasn't too much romance, my husband is not a romance novel kind of guy AT ALL and he enjoyed the book.
  • It has a great antagonist--Baba Yaga. I have never met an evil character quite like her. It is so funny to read about her reasoning for why she is evil and little things she does.
The ending is brief. There is a war and it is over quickly but I was alright with that. The story proficiently built up to the ending.
I made a list of quotes. I read a quote and as soon as someone knew who said it they raised their hand and said their answer. If they were right they got a point, if not I kept reading and someone else could win the point. Sometimes a person could guess who the character was but not the name. If someone else could guess the name I gave both people a point. I had the people keep track of their own points. Most points wins!
Here is a link to the quotes I used and who said them, sorry I don't have page numbers. I forgot to do that and didn't want to go back to find the quotes again.
I made "Molotov coctails" with IBC Rootbeer, a rubber band and a white piece of cloth. I went to the fabric store and found the cheapest white cloth they had. I rubber banded one end of the cloth to the bottle then flipped the cloth over the other side so you couldn't see the rubber band.

Another idea, though I didn't do it, was to make a cake and put a toy wasp or bee on it.