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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Felt Flower

It was time for a girl baby shower and I wanted to make a felt flower headband. I followed this tutorial, using 4 pieces of felt like she said. When I was done with that I didn't like how it looked and when I tried adding in one more, like she said she did sometimes, it still just wasn't enough for me. So here is what I did to make it more to my taste.
First follow the tutorial she has until your flower looks like the one on the right in this picture:

Next, cut out two smaller flowers, the same shape as the first 4 (above on left).
Here's what I did next:

Here is a still picture of how it looks when you pinch this piece:

Glue the pieces to each other and then to the larger petals. Here's a tip: when you are putting the two small pieces together, don't match up the tips, leave a little space like I showed here:

So cute!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Book Club Idea

My husband and I just hosted a family book club and it turned out great! We read the book Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley. I thought I would share some material I used for it, since it did take some effort to put together.

Trivia test: I got about a quarter of the questions from Goodreads, but the rest I made up.
Trivia answers
Vocab test, with words from the book (even the people who didn't finish the book can do this one!)
Vocab Answers
To the winner we gave a few stamps. Everyone thought that was clever!

For food we had pizza pie (and salad) and berry pie for dessert.

Why this is a good book club book, in my opinion:
  • It is a murder mystery, so it appeals to both men an women.
  • The writing is awesome! It never goes overboard with descriptions of places or things (I get bored very easily with that). Bradley has brilliant imagery, he lets you know exactly what he's describing in few words. I laughed out loud with some of the imagery he used!
  • Flavia, the main character, is just plain amusing with the way she thinks--totally not a typical 11-year-old, but this is one thing that really makes the book enjoyable.

There you go, have fun. It is a great book (and I am picky)!