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Monday, September 8, 2014

Review Time: The Number Game

Here's a great review game I came up with that Senior Primary totally loves.

Set up at home:
  • Come up with review questions for each verse of a song (I had 10 questions). I ask the questions in the order of songs/verses of songs they need most help with so we can review those first.
  • Use thick paper to cut up ~2"x2" squares. Cut enough to double the amount of questions you have. IE: I had 10 questions so I cut 20 pieces of paper. The thick paper is so you can't see what number is written on the back.
  • Starting with 1, write numerical numbers on the pieces of paper, one number per paper (so I had 1 through 20)
Set up at church:
  • Put each paper face down (so you CAN'T see the numbers) on the table randomly like this (numbers should be mixed up):
To play:
  • Tell kids we are playing a game that is all of them vs. you. On the board write up Kids in one column and your name in the other. Tell them this is a game with points and whoever has the most points at the end wins.
  • Bring a child up. Ask them one of your review questions. Tell them if they don't know it they can ask one person to help them (this is to relieve pressure from those kids who are scared to be wrong).
  • Whether they get the question wrong or right tell them to pick two papers but DON'T TURN IT OVER YET! Just have them slide the papers close to them, out of the sea of papers.
  • Have them flip over 1 card, just 1, not both. Let's say it's a 7 for sake of example.
  • If they get the question right they can pick if they want to keep the 7 for their points or pick the amount of points that is under the other "mystery" card. 
  • If they get the question wrong you (the chorister) get to pick if you want to keep the 7 points or go for the other "mystery" card.
  • Once the child, or you, picks the 7 or the mystery card, flip over the mystery card and put points in the belonging column. Say the child got the question right, picked to keep the points of the mystery card, that card was a 15, then under the kid's column you write 15 points and under your column you write 7. Got it? That's it!
I hope I explained that well enough. It's pretty easy to play, it takes a little effort explaining :)

Here were the review questions I had in case you want some ideas:

The Family is of God—we are singing this with the sign language. Name the sign (each verse is a question)
1st: earth
2nd: preside
3rd: obey
4th: example

Build and Ark
2nd: Sing or say the next line: I will build my ark before it starts to rain…

2nd: Sing or say the next line: To fulfill the law said Jesus, when the Baptist questioned why…

Seek the Lord Early
How does the song tell us to seek the Lord early? (there are a few ways)

He sent His Son
Say or sing first line of the song (pianist can play intro)

I Stand all Amazed
Pianist plays line, kids guess lyrics: oh it is wonderful that he should care for me

The Hearts of the Children
Who appeared to Joseph Smith as an angel in the Kirtland temple, restoring the sealing power to earth?

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Hearts of the Children

Elder Bednar's talk is a great read for getting into the spirit and knowledge of this song.

I want the kids attention for the message of this song, because it is a deep message and an important one. I am bringing a cut up chain of people labeled: Me, Dad, Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, Great Grandpa, Great-great Grandpa, Great-great-great Grandpa. I will tell the kids as they are quiet and sing well, I will start to connect the family with tape and seal them together, like when families get sealed in the temple. If all the family is together by the end I will give the kids a treat. (I bought Starburst $1.98 for a pack of 80 at Walmart--definitely worth it for an attention grabber!).
Sing a line, tell kids about it, have them sing it with you and do actions.

The hearts of the children turn to their fathers: Deep inside you will feel the need to find your ancestors and do their temple work.

So for this part of the song we will make heart shapes on our chest. While holding that pose, turn to side of room where black and white picture of an older couple is. Explain the picture represents your grandparents, and great grandparents and great, great grandparents and so on.

Malachi prophesied their hearts shall turn: Hold up a bible and tell children that Malachi was a prophet before Jesus was on the earth. He said that Elijah would come to bring the sealing power and your heart would feel love for your ancestors.

Sign the word prophesy then do the same heart on chest and turn to picture.

Elijah fulfilled the prophesy: Show children picture of Kirtland Temple and tell them Elijah came to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery in the Kirtland Temple and gave them the power to seal families. Here's a good article from The Friend on this story.

We read in the bible that Elijah didn't die, he was taken up to heaven in a cloud. So for this action we will raise our hands in the air (palms up) like Elijah went up into heaven. Then we'll lower our hands again because Elijah came down and appeared to Joseph Smith.

And families can be sealed for eternity: You can be with your families forever, even after you die because of this sealing power. Bear testimony about this.

Sign word for families and eternity. I will sign families so that my pinkies touch while singing sealed. I will sign eternity so that the first circle with my pointer finger goes while singing "eter-", pointer goes around the second time while singing, "-ni-", and pinky pointing out for, "-ty."

Sing song a few times with actions.
Maybe sing one time where they turn around on words starting with the letter "F": Fathers, fulfilled, families.