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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tutorial: Boy Hair Cut

When we lived in the Palo Alto, CA, the cheapest haircut we could find for my husband was $18, not including tip. My husband likes his hair cut every 3-4 weeks. That would be about $240/year. With the husband being in grad school and me paying off my schooling, I knew this was an area we could save money.
A pair of nice clippers was about $37. In 2 haircuts we would have paid for the clippers. Totally worth it, even if the hubby had to have a few bad haircuts before I got it down (he agreed).
Now, we save even more money cutting my son's hair too. If you haven't tried cutting your husband's or kid's hair yet, try it. It isn't that hard. Remember, hair grows back!

First off, here is a link to the clippers we purchased. We have had them for 4.5 years and they are still going strong!
Here is a video of how I do my son's hair. Know that there are more steps for men. I will get to those on another post.
Here I have a video of how to do it.

I first started cutting my son's hair before he was even 1 year old. The first 5 hair cuts or so, he was shaking, trembling, and crying. It wasn't a protest, it was fear. So, I would skip out a few of the steps I showed you in the video. Here's what I cut out:
  • Trimming around ears
  • Size 3 clipper altogether. Just take the 2 LONG and make sure to get a good swoop for best blending.
  • Size 1 clipper. Forget the nice fade to nothing look at the bottom and have it suddenly cut off--that look is totally fine.

To help, he sat in dad's lap and we turned on a video he liked.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Petticoat Skirt

This skirt is pinned by pretty much all my friends who sew. In case you haven't seen it, here is the tutorial. But I really wanted to show what it looks like for a baby:

Also notice, that I used the bleached muslin as the base for the baby skirt and unbleached for my skirt. I kind of like the bleached muslin better but still, both cute.

Isn't it darling? The one thing I did differently from the tutorial is this: after I sewed together the side seams I also sewed the ruffles together individually on the sides. I didn't like how it looked without them all being sewn together.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Movie Quotes

So, Valentines Day. My husband and I aren't the cheesy type. We like humor. So that's what my Valentine's Day idea is about. I'm taking quotes from our favorite movies and shows, putting the quotes in hearts and leaving the hearts for him to find.

There are often two people talking in the quotes (and I didn't write down names of characters, I want him to figure that out...part of the fun) so, I used 2 fonts to make it easier to read. Here is a link to the quotes I used. I'm sure some of them are from your favorites too. Hopefully, this makes your work a little easier since it does take a while to find the exact quote online and then change the font. Oh and,I spaced it, leaving you enough room to cut the quotes into heart shapes.
Here's a few examples:
On the water bottle in the fridge, Groundhog Day:

To the groundhog.
I always drink to world peace.

What should we drink to?

I'd like to say a prayer and drink to world peace.


With the cereal, Psych:

There are two kinds of kids. There’s the kid who flipped the box over and opened it from the bottom and grabbed the prize right away. And then there was the kid who waited patiently and ate bowl after bowl of cereal until the prize just tumbled out on its own. There’s also a third kid named Mikey who will eat anything, including the prize. But, uh, he’s not really important right now. I didn’t wait. I didn’t wait for my decoder ring or my frankenberry action figure when I was a kid. So what am I waiting for now? All I know is that I don’t want to miss out on the prize.


On the hanger in the closet, Napolion Dynamite:

I like your sleeves. They're real big.

Thank you. I made them myself.


Others I will do:
My husband brings his laptop to work. I will put quotes from "The Office" in there:

What is that?

It's a feral barn cat. I trapped him last night and I am giving him to you as a replacement cat for the one I destroyed.

Her name was Sprinkles.

And his name is... Garbage. Moses calls him Garbage because he likes to eat garbage. Don't you Garbage?


Daryl Philbin is the most complicated man that I have ever met. I mean, who says exactly what they're thinking? What kind of game is that?


In his backpack that he takes to work he has a pouch with random things in it. In that I am putting a Simpson's quote from the episode "I Love Lisa" (one of our favorites)

Uh...so...do you like...stuff?
On his tooth brush, Elf:
I think you're really beautiful and I feel really warm when I'm around you and my tongue swells up.
I think you get the idea. Find fun places to put the hearts using words in the quotes. It has been so hard for me to keep this to myself, I can't wait til Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Music Competition

I am putting all crafts on hold for the moment to finish up a song I am entering in the annual music competition for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. If you want to enter at any time in the future here is the link for guidelines and an entry form.
Here is a primary song I wrote for the competition two years ago. It is themed for Thanksgiving.
The song I am writing to enter this year is for a youth choir and the theme I'm working on is stand in holy places. I will definitely post it later, probably sometime in the summer. Wish me luck!