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Monday, April 9, 2012

Tutorial: Silky Flower 2

What you need:
  • silky fabric (with polyester)
  • coordinating thread
  • tulle
  • button for center piece
  • headband or clip
  • candle

1. Cut 2 rectangles of the silky fabric about 11" x 3.5
2. Round all of the edges:

3. Cut zig-zags on all the LONG ends (doesn't need to be perfect):

4. Burn all around the edges of both rectangles:

5. Cut a piece of tulle as big as your silky pieces with burned edges. Also, cut a piece of thread:

6. Layer your pieces together from bottom to top: silky fabric, silky fabric, tulle. Then fold them like a fan. Watch the video:

Now you have this:

7. Now, tie your thread around the middle of your fan, making a tight knot. Go around the whole fan 2 or 3 times to get it to stay in place. Since I was doing this without anyone around, I found it easiest to hold it like this while I tied it one handed.

Now you have this:

8. Spread the fabric out to make a circle shape. It spreads out easier than you would think.

9. Sew the bottom layer to itself on both sides. Since this is on the bottom, you can sew all the way across until close to the edge, since this part won't be seen.

10. For the sewing together the top layers, I overlapped them about a half inch (pictured below) and sewed them together near the middle (pictured 2 below). I used the naturally curled edge from the burning to hide the thread (plus the tulle is still over it).

Now yo have this:

11. Trim tulle as needed to get it into the circle shape.
12. To keep the tulle edges together you use the thread for the button to go up and through all the layers of fabric. See the video below. After watching, sew on your button.

Sew on a headband or clip for the back! Now you've got a cute flower for pictures!

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