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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sheering Measurements & How To

I read many how to's on sheering but none of them included the length of fabric to cut when you want to make a skirt. So I figured out the math and that is mainly what I wanted to share today. I also included a brief how to on sewing sheering.

How to measure cut of fabric around waist:
1. Measure largest part of hips/waist--elastic needs to get over this part.
2. Take that number divide by 3
3. Add that answer to the largest area of your hips/waist (from step one)
4. Add 2" for side seams (or less if you want to make side seams smaller).

Here's an example:
1. 36" waist
2. 36"/3 = 12.
3. 12+36=48
4. 48+2=50
So, the example skirt would be 50 inches for the waist and you would make the length however long you wanted the skirt to be.

These measurements worked out perfectly for a skirt I made for me and a dress I did for my daughter (which I will share soon--for a dress I measured her shoulders, since that was the largest part the dress needed to get over).

How to sew sheering (after sewing up side seam, hemming bottom of skirt, and hemming or serging top):
1. Wrap elastic around bobbin loosely. Use your normal thread on top. I kept tension at what it always is when I sew and it turned out great.
2. Sew around top of waist like you do with normal thread, about a half inch down from the top of waist. Remember to back stitch at the beginning and end--DO NOT CUT THREAD when you have gotten back to where you started.

In this picture disreguard the lining on the right hand side of the picture, it did not work out well and I will not do it again, pick a fabric that isn't see through, or if it is, I will have another tutorial on how to sew a skirt with sheering and lining--I figured out the right way!
3. Release presser foot and slide fabric to where you want to start your next line (I do it about 3/8" apart). Back stitch, go around, back stitch then go to the next line again.

4. Repeat the process until you have enough rows for your liking. I did about 14, don't do less than 5.

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