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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Intro to "What These Hands Do"

Every once in a while I think about starting a blog about sewing or music but I always feel like I can't produce enough in one area to start a blog because I like too many things and spend my time in many ways.
Just a few days ago I thought, "Why not start a blog that encompasses everything I do?"
Here is a list of what I love and what you will probably see on this blog:
  • Flowers for baby headbands or girl's hair: I have made many and have a good sense now of what works and what doesn't
  • Sewing projects and tutorials: I mostly do girls dresses and skirts
  • Piano music: arrangements and originals all for free (I do have a website for this but I will do updates here, if you are interested the website is: www.alloverthepiano.com)
  • Baking: I love chocolate especially
  • Hair styling: I love doing girls hair. I can't wait until my 8 month old girl grows hair so I can start styling it! I also cut my husband's and little boy's hair and plan on doing a tutorial on how to do a simple cut for men and boys

Alright, that's what I love doing in a nutshell. I am going to start my blog by going back to things I have done in the past and when I feel I've covered my best work I'll start posting what I'm doing in the present. Here's a look of some things I've done:

Because this song is generated by my music software it doesn't sound nearly as good as on a real piano. If you would like the sheet music here it is!


  1. This is so exciting Danielle! Btw, the Primary kids sang your song "We Give Our Thanks" around Thanksgiving and they love it. I often hear my kids humming the tune to themselves and some of the other kids request to sing it in Primary when they get a free choice. You're so talented!

  2. Thank you Yuki! You are so nice and that gives me confidence (especially about this blog which I am somewhat apprehensive to share with the world..will people like it? am i imposing on people by telling them to look at it?) So, thanks!