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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tutorial: Silky Flowers

I love these flowers! They look so good on your baby's head or in your hair. I first got the idea from this blog. I've made quite a few exactly like the one on that blog. In the process I learned a few tips and I've changed it up a bit to get it more to what I like. For instance, I like the look of individual pedals so I added those and I love tulle so I also added that.
What you need:
  • Fabric with polyester (it does NOT need to be 100% polyester, just have some polyester--this is the silky fabric you would make a formal dress with). 1/8 yard makes ~3-4 flowers. I have made pink, cream, dark purple and my favorite, gold!
  • Tulle
  • Needle and thread
  • Pearl or other bead for center of flower
  • Hair clip (found at craft stores, pictured below)
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Candle
  • Glue (I used a hot glue gun)
You are going to have 3 circles, 4 large pedals and 3 small pedals. Here are pictures with approximate measurements. I do not measure as I cut and I do not use templates. The pedals don't have to be perfect especially since you burn the edges later. But here is what my measurements turned out to be so you can get an idea:

On the 3 circles (above) cut 5 snips about equal distance apart around the circumference

Now we burn the edges. Here are two videos where I give a few tips on burning the edges:

Now cut the tulle, I like to cut 4 rectangles about 2"x 1.5". Set aside.
Assemble the flower. You can do this two ways, watch the video about assembly then read on.

So, like I said, you can either sew all layers together at once by just going up through the middle and down again (do that two or three times so it stays in place). The other option, that I like, is to sew each layer on one at a time. That way each pedal will sit exactly where you want it to. Also, remember to add in the tulle wherever you wish. I like it between the circles and large pedals. When I add it in I lay it in an "S" shape.

Pearls are my favorite thing to add in the middle. The middle of my flower consists of these two pieces:

Just go to the bead part of the store and look around for what you like. I found the silver piece in a strand that looked like this:

First I sewed on my silver piece, then the pearl.

To get the clip on, cut a piece of felt into an oval, the length being a bit shorter than the clip. Sew the piece of felt onto only the bottom layer of the flower so the thread doesn't show on the upper side.
Put a small amount of glue on the side of the clip that will be between the felt and flower, the glue touching the felt.

Your flower is done! I found headbands at my craft store and I attach the flower on the loop for a baby. I like this better than gluing the flower on the headband because then the baby grows out of it. This way you can use it even when your done with baby headbands. See the loop:

I gave one away for a baby shower gift and put it around some wipes. The mom loved it! Who wouldn't, it is so cute!

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